The laundromat for people with mountains of laundry! 


No matter your situation Sierra Laundry is your best choice for clean clothes.


  • Self-serve customers will enjoy our big washers and dryers with lots of folding space to get the job done.  

  • Drop off your laundry and take a hike. We'll wash, dry, and fold it for you so you can enjoy the great outdoors. 

  • Come see why our customers refer to us as the "cleanest laundromat around!"



Sierra Laundry's commitment is to provide a clean laundry experience while you get your clothes clean. After all, a cleaner laundromat produces cleaner clothes.


The Sacramento, Citrus Heights, and Cameron Park laundries are conveniently located in shopping centers which means there is lots of parking available. We have laundry carts available to carry your laundry from the car to the laundromat and back again. Before, after or even during your laundry time you can grab a bite to eat at any one of the restaurants or maybe do some shopping. For a real treat have a manicure or pedicure at one of the salons. 


If you forget your laundry supplies or just run short no need to worry. The Sacramento, Citrus Heights, and Cameron Park locations provide single-use laundry detergent, fabric softener, bleach and dryer sheets in the vending machines on site. All of the laundry equipment is coin-operated and there are change machines on site available to dispense quarters. For convenience, we have added new payment options at the following locations. 


Cameron Park - Debit, Credit, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. 


Citrus Heights - App-based system that is downloadable from Appstore or Google Play.

You can create an account & password for quarter-free convenience. 


Our super clean laundromats offer you a place to relax while your clothes are being washed. You may opt to read a magazine or enjoy your favorite TV show at our Garfield location.


"Holiday Hours:  On Christmas, our Cameron Park location will be closed, but our Sacramento location at Madison/Garfield and Citrus Heights location at Madison/Sunrise are open regular hours. 


Come see why customers drive from all over Sacramento to experience Sierra Laundry... the clean laundry experience. 

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